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HollywoodDementia.comHollywood Dementia is a showcase for the stunning creative talent which Hollywood attracts but rarely nurtures. Writers told me that they decided to participate in this innovative project to get seen by Hollywood and other media. Readers can donate and companies can advertise to show support for this great website. Recent media praise for Hollywood Dementia:

Flavorwire wrote in a rave review:

Nikki Finke’s most valuable asset is her insight into what really goes on in Hollywood, and that’s what she’s selling to the advertisers and donors who will support the site in lieu of a per-story paywall. (Per Finke herself: “It’s Hollywood in its unvarnished honesty. I’m really finding that you can be much more honest in fiction than you can be in journalism.”) That’s what Hollywood Dementia’s stories, stylistically varied as they are, have in common: the unifying theme of “you wouldn’t believe what goes on in this town,” followed by sordid, scandalous, and decidedly unsubtle stories that purport to tell us what does. So: is Hollywood Dementia worth reading? … Ultimately, the site delivers what it promises. Most contributors are, in fact, industry vets. And their stories are, frankly, fun.

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