Monthly Archives: October 2017

Careers At Risk

by Robert W. Welkos

Only Scoundrels

by Nat Segaloff

Keep The Good Pieces

by Anne Goursaud

Jeremy Botz Ruined Everything

by Aimee DeLong

The Twittermorphosis

by Diane Haithman

The Fatal Allure

by Allison Silver

The Paparazzo

by Strawberry Saroyan

Golden Land
Part One

by William Faulkner

Bathing & The Single Girl
Part One

by Christine Elise McCarthy

Working From Home

by Adam Scott Weissman

The Writer’s Cut
Part One

by Eric Idle

The Elusive One

by Laurie Horowitz


by Robert W. Welkos

The Great Secrets Of 20th Century Show Business

by Howard Jay Klein