Virtual Reality
Part Two

by Michael Burns

Which is most fulfilling: real sex or virtual reality sex? These teens find out. 1627 words. Part One. Illustration by Thomas Warming.

Hollywood – 2030

Hollywood High School seniors Aidan and Jennifer have reached a new plateau in their friendship. For the first time, they have admitted they are virgins.

“I’ve thought about it,” Jennifer said.

“Me, too.” Aidan replied, wistful. “I know I’m clean. How can I not be? I haven’t ever fucked anyone.”

“We’re both clean,” Jennifer assured him, “because I’ve never fucked anyone either.”

They make direct eye contact. Exchange serious looks. They haven’t been exposed to the antibiotic resistant super-gonorrhea — superum neisseria gonorrhoeae – sweeping the world. A fastidious gram negative diplococci bacteria that usually proves fatal and is keeping global populations from having sex.

When they arrive at the Sensorsex VR Cinema on Wilshire, the teen couple see a line, but it’s not very long. Jennifer turns and puts her arms around Aidan. “Thanks for coming with me. I can’t wait to try this.” Her voice is filled with anticipation.

Aidan becomes embarrassed. Jennifer’s warm body against his is giving him an erection. He turns to hide the bulge in his pants.

After a short wait in line, they arrive at the counter inside. Jennifer is waved toward the first open station and given a tablet loaded with forms to fill out. The clerk asks if Aidan has been there before. When he says yes, his data is retrieved from the computer. They both show their ID. After payment, the clerk provides them with locker codes. Adjoining lockers.

“Through that door,” the young woman says, smiling. “And enjoy your experience.”

Jennifer and Aidan go into the locker room and undress. This is the first time Aidan has ever seen Jennifer naked. They take a shower together. Jennifer insists that Aidan wash her back. For Aidan, it is a surreal sensation. He has never washed a girl’s back before. Then she washes his back. Aidan feels her breasts brushing against him. When their shower is over, they stand under the large driers.

They wait together for their attendants. Aidan notices that Jennifer’s breasts look incredible, the two nipples protruding out, giving her breasts an even fuller and rounder appearance. When Jennifer sees Aidan staring at her breasts, she smiles at him.

Aidan’s attendant arrives first and studies the screen of a tablet he holds in both hands. “If you’ll follow me, sir, we’ll get you suited up.”

Aidan turns to Jennifer. “After, let’s meet in the lobby.”

“Okay,” Jennifer agrees as Aidan is led away.

This time he doesn’t need help putting on the second generation sensory suit or headgear lying on the small bed. “I see you were here yesterday,” the attendant says. “So you know how it works. Right?”

“Right,” Aidan says.

“Enjoy your experience. It will start five seconds after I close this door.” The door clicks shut.

Five seconds later. Aidan hears birds. He is standing on an outdoor deck, thirty feet above the ground. Beyond the deck is a lush tropical setting. Mango trees. Banana trees. Coconut trees. Orchids. Many flowering bushes. As he looks around, he sees monkeys jumping from branch to branch. A colorful Macaw sits in a nearby tree. It talks to him.

“Go inside, Aidan. She’s waiting for you.”

Aidan walks into the large bedroom which is painted blue with light green and purple trim. The floor is dark brown hardwood. The cover on the bed is white. Green pillows. Lots of potted plants.

A dark-skinned woman comes out of the bathroom. A towel is draped around her body. “Hello, Aidan. My name is Honey. How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” Aidan’s heart begins to race. He has a hormone rush combined with an adrenaline rush. All he can think about is fucking Honey. His mouth is full of saliva, anticipating what will happen next.

Honey throws off her towel. She is a Caribbean beauty. Brown eyes. Long dark hair. A perfect figure. She steps toward the bed. “Let’s lie down together.”

Aidan moves toward her. Within seconds, he climbs on top of Honey. She spreads her legs, wrapping her thighs tightly around him. He feels her legs. He feels the pressure. Her body is hot. She smells clean, the scent of fresh soap.

He penetrates her and they begin to fuck.

“Oh, Aidan. That feels so good. Deeper. Can you go deeper?”

Aidan pushes himself into her, trying to put his penis into her vagina as deeply as he can. He feels himself coming. He can’t stop. A second later he orgasms. It is intense.

Aidan has lost all sense of time. But only one minute has elapsed.

In a nearby room, Jennifer is helped by her attendant, a young woman named Olivia. Jennifer puts on the second generation sensory suit and headgear for the first time.

“Everything is automatic,” Olivia explains. “Your experience will begin five seconds after I leave the room. Do you have any questions?”

“No,” Jennifer says.

Olivia smiles. “Enjoy it.” And she leaves the room.

Five seconds later, Jennifer is standing on a beach. She is on the edge of a lagoon. The water is clear. Light blue and green. The sand is white. A breeze blows in her direction. She smells the salt in the air. In the distance, she sees fluffy clouds floating over the ocean. She hears seagulls crying. A pelican flies above, circles over the water, then makes a spectacular dive into the water, emerging with a large fish in its mouth.

“Hi, I’m Ron.”

Jennifer whirls around to see a completely naked man standing there. He is well-muscled, his bronze skin glistening in the sun. “Do you want me to fuck you?”


He smiles and takes her hand and leads her to the edge of the water. They lie on the wet sand. Ron gets on top of Jennifer. His body is warm. He smells like suntan oil. His skin feels oily against hers. His abdomen glides over hers. He penetrates her. She is wet. She feels his penis moving inside of her. She squeezes the muscles of her vagina against his penis. She hugs his rock-hard body. He kisses her. She kisses him back, putting her tongue deep into his mouth. She feels cool water lapping against her feet. Ron is fucking her. Hard fucking. On the beach. The sensation overwhelms hers. She knows she is about to orgasm. Seconds later, she comes. And seconds after that, the suit turns itself off.

It all happened too fast. Jennifer looks around the room. She is lying in the center of the bed, her legs still spread. Olivia comes in. “I hope you enjoyed your experience.”

Jennifer gets up from the bed, and Olivia helps her out of the suit. Naked, Jennifer walks out of the room and back to her locker. Out in the lobby, she sees Aidan.

“How was it?” he asks.

She smiles. “It was great. But it was over too fast. A man named Ron made love to me on the beach. It was wonderful. I mean, I was right there in the moment. I want to come back here. These new suits are amazing.”

The next day at school, they both are called into the office for ditching school. But since they are both 4.0 students and this is their first offense, they are only reprimanded by the assistant principal.

“Do you want to go back?” Aidan asks Jennifer. “We could go after school.”

“Aidan, it’s Friday. The line will be too long. Besides, my parents left for Hawaii for the weekend. I have to watch my little brother.”

Aidan nods glumly. He is disappointed. Secretly, he wants to see her breasts again.

“Why don’t you come to my house tonight?” she suggests. “We can hang out. We’ll have the whole place to ourselves.” She raises both eyebrows. She wants him to say yes.

“What about your little brother?”

“He pretty much stays in his room and plays VR games.”

After school, they take the subway into the Hollywood Hills where Jennifer lives. It’s the first time Aidan has ever been to her house. He likes the view, but his attention is on Jennifer. He wonders what it would be like to fuck a real human being.

Jennifer is thinking the same thing. “Come upstairs. I’ll show you my room.”

They walk together up the stairs. As their bodies brush against each other, they pretend not to notice. As they go up farther up the stairs, their thighs touch. They lean into one another. By the time they get to her bedroom, both of them are out of control.

Jennifer faces Aidan. She unbuttons his shirt. Takes it off. She pulls off her sweater. Quickly removes her bra. They embrace. She kisses him. They keep kissing. They slide sideways toward her bed. Both of them pull their jeans off. Pull their underwear off. Jennifer is breathing heavily. Their hearts are pounding.

“Fuck me, Aidan. I want to fuck you so bad.” She pulls him into her, grabbing his penis with both hands.

It is a new experience. For the first time in his life, Aidan is actually fucking a real girl. It feels different. His face just inches from hers, he notices a pimple on her chin. Jennifer is not perfect, he realizes. But he continues to fuck her.

Jennifer sees Aidan’s arms around her. His arms are small, not muscular like Ron’s. She realizes he’s just an immature boy. As Aidan fucks her, she fantasizes about Ron. Thinking about Ron on top of her, an orgasm wells up inside of her.

They both come. Their sexual adventure is over. It took just a minute. Neither say anything. They look into each other’s eyes. They understand. Their lovemaking was imperfect. They are imperfect. They both think the same thing. VR sex is better.

Part One

About The Author:
Michael Burns
Michael Burns is an independent writer and author of nine works of fiction including a collection of short stories. He also has written two unproduced screenplays, one adapted from his novel The Horn and the other from Lipstick, his two short stories posted here. He is not the vice chairman of Lionsgate.

About Michael Burns

Michael Burns is an independent writer and author of nine works of fiction including a collection of short stories. He also has written two unproduced screenplays, one adapted from his novel The Horn and the other from Lipstick, his two short stories posted here. He is not the vice chairman of Lionsgate.

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Part Two

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